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Vulva Earring

Vulva Earring

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"Love with Self"

Lena designed these earrings to celebrate femininity without fear! 💥


Earrings are made from 3mm acrylic. They are very light and durable.

The hook is 925 Sterling Silver.


Earrings are shipped with Deutsche Post from Berlin.


Earring: 38mm
Hook: 19mm

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Meet the Designer

Lena Kronenberg

I draw my inspiration from everything I see and what touches me. I strive to create pieces that empower their wearers, and communicate diversity, freedom and love. My work encourages everyone to think outside the box.

All available in Neon Colors!

Transparent Neon Orange and Neon Green are glowing in the dark light. They are really amazing options for parties, clubs and festivals!